The state of things

First off I just wanted to say… oops! I haven’t updated this blog for some time.

Now to catch you up on things.

I’ve started a new game called Subterranea which you can follow in a bit more detail here. The basic premise is that you mine a procedurally generated landscape and create new structures underground. There’s a bit more to it than that but obvious influences are Minecraft, Terraria, Pixeljunk Shooter, Dig ‘n Rig and their ilk.

Subterranea is a PC and Mac game written in Lua using the Moai framework. So its a totally new experience for me.

Now for the unfortunate news. PPRGP is on hold. I want to say that its definitely going to be released but realistically I don’t think I can commit to that. This is the flip side to developing openly. Your failures/tough decisions are very public and you can feel like you’re letting people down.

PPRPG hasn’t hit any problems technically. It has some gameplay issues to overcome (around gameplay longevity) but other than that it’s fine. I just have no interest in it anymore. Its not the kind of dip in interest you get part way through most projects (I’ve experienced and overcome that plenty of times before), its more deep rooted than that.

I have a finite amount of time in which to develop my games and, owing to the fact that they are hobbyist pursuits, they have to be fun to make otherwise what’s the point?

Anyway, its on hold for now.

In other news, I’ve started work on a large update for Coffee Cellar. If its pans out, this will be a rather large v2.0 release.

Coffee Cellar is my only revenue producing App and, whilst sales are pretty poor, it does consistently make a tiny amount of money each month. Its also an App I’m very proud of :)

I have a bunch of features I want to add including a bit of a graphical overhaul. I also want to focus on the tasting aspect of the App to make this feature more engaging.

So, lots going on still. Future blog posts are likely to focus on Subterranea development and the coffee cellar update.


  1. murphy says:

    Thanks for the update ;) But sad to read you had holded the development of the game. It seemed to be have some new concepts in it that i liked.

    Anyway, thanks again for Coffee Cellar, that was leading me to you very interresting blog and website.

    You make a good job. Thanks for all.

  2. Chris says:


    Thanks for the kind words.

    Its possible I’ll go back to the game in the new year, who knows. I just don’t want to keep promising things that subsequently fall through :)

  3. Brian Hobbs says:

    It’s been a month today since your last post. Keeping us in the dark, are you? ;)

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