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AppsAddicts Star Fusion review

Star Fusion has its first professional review from AppsAddicts who have scored the game 8/10. I’m pretty chuffed to see it on a review site and the fact that the reviewers liked it is the icing on the cake!

I have to say that the guys at AppsAddicts are very nice people. They appear to have a great work ethic, maintaining contact with me during the review to get information on the game and to let me know that a review had been published.

Here are some snippets from the review…

“Star fusion is a quick one to pick up and figure out, but a hard one to master.”

“Don’t let the children’s book style graphics fool you, the game is surprisingly difficult, especially when the stars come screaming by in multiples.”

“You probably won’t keep it on your phone for the next year, but it is definitely entertaining when you are just killing time and surfing the App Store for a fast hit.”

“…it gets serious approval from a 7 year old and a 9 year old- and keeping them entertained in the car for $0.99 is a very, very good thing.”

You can read AppsAddicts full review of Star Fusion here.