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Kobold guide to board game design

How to design a board game

It’s finally time for a new project and, what I hope will be, a brand new series of blog posts. As you may have guessed from the title, my new…

Ludum Dare 39 – Liveblog

Ludum Dare is a game development competition (and game jam) that takes place over 48 hours. During that time, the aim is to develop a game totally from scratch (inclusive…

Structure – Mini Mob Development Diary #3

Just a quick update. I’ve now implemented the core gameplay changes mentioned in my previous development diary. The gameplay feels much more robust, particularly with regards the additional layer of…

Micro Mob Time-Lapse (Ludum Dare 25)

For your viewing pleasure, I present a time-lapse covering the development of my entry for Ludum Dare 25; Micro Mob. Check out the game here:

Ludum Dare 25 – My Liveblog

I’m participating in Ludum Dare 25 next week, a game development competition that takes place on 14th December and lasts for 48 hours. The Theme for the competition is: “You…