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Ludum Dare 39 – Liveblog

Ludum Dare is a game development competition (and game jam) that takes place over 48 hours. During that time, the aim is to develop a game totally from scratch (inclusive of code, art, sound effects and music). Additionally a theme is voted on and announced just prior to the competition start time.

It just so happens that there is one taking place this weekend, and so I’ve decided to join in.

This will be my second time entering Ludum Dare; my first one was way back in 2012 for Ludum Dare 25. During that, I came a fairly respectable 254th out of 1,326 entries with my crime simulator – Micro Mob. Let’s see if I can top that this time.

Last time I also live blogged my progress which I enjoyed so I figured I’d do the same again this time.

One of the things that limited me with Micro Mob was its requirement to download it in order to play. So this time, a platform with web deployment is a must. As a result, I’ve opted for Phaser which I used for my procjam entry a while back and really enjoyed.

In addition to this liveblog, I’ll probably also create a development timelapse and will try to post some gifs.


Framework: Phaser
Sound Effects: CFXR (and maybe my analogue synth)
Music: I might try to create something with my Pocket Operator
Art: Affinity Designer
Other: TexturePacker, GlyphDesigner

Development Diary

7:50am (Hour 6)

Im up, showered and coffee is brewing! Ludum Dare began at 2am this morning (due to timezone differences) so I’m already somewhat behind.

I’ve just checked the website and the chosen theme is: Running out of power

I’m going to spend some time coming up with some ideas and getting some inspiration.

8.30am (Hour 7)

I think I’ve settled on an idea. It has a basic premise and I think the assets are achievable in the time. There’s some complexity around input so I’ll focus on that first. I’m going to box out some areas of the screen with some basic shapes.

Time to crack on!

10.30am (Hour 9)

Slow progress but speeding up a little now. I’m just working on getting some of the basic elements in place and some of the core mechanics.

12.45pm (Hour 11)

I forgot just how quickly time whips by in these events. I now have the basic interaction and fuel mechanic in place. Still lots to do to make it engaging. I’m taking a short break for something to eat before moving on to some basic graphics.

4.15pm (Hour 15)

I have some very basic graphics now and I’ve also added a few placeholder sound effects. I’m going to spend a few minutes creating a prioritised list of the remaining work and nice-to-have’s.

6.30pm (Hour 17)

Visually, I haven’t added anything new really. I’ve introduced the start of a new game mechanic and I’ve refactored some of the code ready for extension.

Fatigue is starting to kick in big time now so I’m going to take a break for an hour or so. The remainder of the evening is likely to be spent on graphics and/or sound effects.

11pm (Hour 22)

I’ve put some placeholder music in place. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to replace it but its not a huge priority. I’ve also completed some of the key graphical assets – by no means my best work, or even very good but they’ll suffice if I run out of time.

And with that I’m going to get some sleep ready for day 2!

8.30am (Hour 31)

I’m up a little later than I’d have liked but I’m ready to go. There are 17 hours of the competition remaining. My first task is to put the graphics from last night into the game. Then its onwards with the gameplay.

12.25pm (Hour 35)

The last 4 hours went by shockingly fast! Lots done though. I’ve implemented the new graphics, added some visual clues to avoid text, fixed some bugs, and added several game features.

I’ve got some larger features to work on now which will require new graphics and gameplay.

5pm (Hour 40)

Phew! lots done. Everything is now in place. With the remaining time, I have a couple of bugs to squash, a game over and restart function to write, and the dreaded tutorial. I probably won’t have time to work further on the graphics which is a shame.

I plan on taking a break for an hour or two to recharge.

11pm (Hour 46)

Success! I’ve just submitted my entry to Ludum Dare 39 – Stoked. I’m thoroughly exhausted. I really wanted to revisit the graphics but I’ve ended up improving gameplay a little instead.

I’ll tidy this post up in the coming days. I also have a development timelapse to stitch together and post :)

You can view the entry and play it here.