Astro Noughts

When I started porting Star Fusion to the iPad, I expected it to be just that – a port with a few tweaks. Things haven’t panned out that way though and its become a lot more than just a straight port. To mark these significant differences, the game will no longer be released as Star Fusion HD but instead will launch as Astro Noughts.

I’m currently on a final push to get Astro Noughts wrapped up and in the App store in time for Christmas. The majority of the core features are in place but as always it’s the little things required to finish a game that take up the majority of the time.

I’ve managed to keep the scope of this game under control so the feature list isn’t increasing and I am ploughing through it. This means it’s easy at this stage to confirm features. Here are the headlines…

  • A space arcade game with a strong mathematical mechanic
  • Endless wave based gameplay
  • Powerups to give you the competitive edge
  • A planetarium to view unlocked planets
  • OpenFeint integration (for leaderboards and achievements)
  • Save game system so you can drop out at any time

There are still some unknowns, mainly around content. I want to stuff the game with as many powerups and planets as I can. There are also still a few features that I will integrate if I can find the time.

I’m keen to show off some gameplay but don’t really have the time to create a video. So, for now, screenshots will have to suffice.


  1. rizergames says:

    RT @chrismwaite: New Blog Post: Astro Noughts

  2. That’s looking great Chris! Can’t go wrong with a maths game — I hear all the cool kids are making them. Good luck with the pre-Christmas release!

  3. minimaxgames says:

    @chrismwaite Since you are a ipad pro…could you explain why most games are marked as HD..but the ipad is far from HD not even 720p :-)

  4. @minimaxgames :-) Well i’ve opted for a non-HD name. I guess its just something that has stuck though.

  5. andrewnicolle says:

    RT @chrismwaite: New Blog Post: Astro Noughts

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