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Cardboard Dungeon on Mozilla Hacks

I was pretty chuffed when Mozilla approached me recently to write a case study for their Mozilla Hacks blog.

The aim was to discuss my experience with A-Frame and producing a web-based virtual reality experience. I think the final article has turned out rather nicely.

Here’s an excerpt:

VR lesson #2: Strain

Placing common interactions out of the player’s line of sight creates an uncomfortable experience. Having to gaze at the ground in order to trigger movement means constantly tipping your head forwards and backwards. Placing this interaction close to the player’s natural resting gaze position makes for a much more comfortable experience.

My final solution was therefore to utilize a teleportation mechanic. The player simply gazes at any blue sphere to move to that location, regardless of whether the room is on a lower or higher floor. I opted to limit this to one dungeon square around the player in order to retain the feeling of exploration.

You can read the full article on Mozilla’s Hacks blog.

Thank you Mozilla for the opportunity :)