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Micro Mob Time-Lapse (Ludum Dare 25)

For your viewing pleasure, I present a time-lapse covering the development of my entry for Ludum Dare 25; Micro Mob. Check out the game here:

A review of 2011 and plans for 2012

This blog has been going for well over 2 years now. Its purpose is to chronicle my game development efforts and hopefully to share some insights with you. 2009 and…

From Idea to App store in 6 months

6 months, 5,000 lines of code, 13 blog posts, 15,000 words and both the App and my blog series are finally finished. When I started this I planned on following…

Coffee Cellar Postmortem

Coffee Cellar has officially been in the App Store for 1 month now, you can check it out here. Now is the perfect time to examine what went right and…

App Development – The Final Artwork

After nearly 6 months of effort which has seen us produce a solid plan, create a design doc, produce wireframes and workflow, create initial artwork and a moodboard, develop the…

App Development – The Artwork

Its time for the fourth post in my App Development series. Last week I covered the wireframes, this week we move on to Artwork.

App Development – The Wireframes

This is the third post in my App Development series. Last week I covered the design document, this week I’m moving on to wireframes and workflow.

App Development – Doing it properly

Stop me if this sounds like you You’re at the start of a new project, it feels great. You have a blank slate upon which to build, what could be,…

A foray into App development

Whilst I’m brainstorming ideas for my next game, I’ve decided to take a slight diversion into the world of application development. My reasons for doing this are two-fold. Firstly, I’d…