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Devlog – 17th February 2014

Not a spectacular week in terms of progress.

I largely spent the week coming up with a concept for the level select screen. It may sound dull but ultimately the level select screen is what will link the levels into a more cohesive whole.

I took a look at some iPhone examples, of which there are many. I also looked at some of my favourite RPGS (not on mobile) to decide what I liked about the solutions presented there. I remember Baldurs Gate fondly because it felt like a vast world with many places to visit. That’s the feeling I want to replicate.

You are not overwhelmed to begin with. New places become visible as you progress through the game. It gives you a sense of exploration and anticipation.

I wanted to take this a step further if I can. The act of having a map is, in itself, an exciting proposition. So why not expand this idea slightly. My intention is to provide the player with a single map on the level select screen. As they complete each level, the next level is displayed on the map.

During the game the player will be able to find additional maps. These may be found in chests or given as rewards by NPC’s. Some of these maps will be given to you as part of the main storyline – to ensure that you can progress through the game. Others will need to be found and will reward exploration with new content.

I produced some basic concept art for this that will serve to test it out.

My focus this week will be on implementing the level select screen and its various mechanics. Hopefully I can share it with you next week in its basic form.