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Devlog – 17th March 2014

It’s been quite a successful week.

I implemented the new map graphics and interactions for the map screen. This is just working towards consistency with the UI design that I showed you last week. Its work in progress but much easier to iterate upon now the basic block elements and interactions are there.

The major piece of work though was getting the end-to-end experience hooked up. This means that you can now select a level on the map screen, play it, get experience points from it, and return to the map screen which will show the level now complete and progress to the next one. Its a really nice feeling getting this far and finally feels like I’m over some of the initial humps in development. Its starting to feel like a real game.

Where does this leave us then?

As I see it, there are a number of key things that need to be approached.

1) The rewards for levelling up your character
2) Quests
3) Shops
4) The inventory screen graphics and general interaction (including viewing your quest and character progress)
5) Main Menu and character select screen graphics in line with the level complete and map screen
6) Numerous tidy-up jobs (stream tiles, inventory item graphics etc)

That’s the guts of the game. After that its content which means producing the level editor (for internal use) and producing lots of new graphics. Also included in the content heading are new tiles & widgets and gameplay mechanics to go with them.

So there’s still a long road ahead. I’d like to get the rewards in place this month. Quests will dominate April.