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Devlog – 21st April 2014

Hello again. I suppose you’re wondering what happened to the 7th and 14th devlog’s? Well, I had a few weeks break but I’m back now and ramping development back up.

This week saw continued focus on the level editor. I’ve now completed loot placement. This actually also paves the way for adding additional tile editing features (such as NPC placement and conversation).

The editor will now support adding up to 5 pieces of loot to a tile (Arbitrary at the moment and could be extended). I can control the supported loot via a JSON file (so as I extend the game, no additional editor work will be required :) ). Loot can also be edited after placement. It can be published in the usual fashion and also loads successfully with a level. I’ve also extended the full export to support it.

All of this is expected functionality but its nice to have it in place. It proved that my editor will support richer interaction.

The coming week’s focus will be on NPC placement or, more specifically, adding NPC’s with conversation to a tile. This is the last push to essentially bring the level editor up to speed with the current features in the game. After that we’re switching back to the game engine to focus on implementing quests.