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Devlog – 24th February 2014

This is the last devlog for February! That was a very quick month.

I spent this week implementing the level select screen. Its not quite complete but I have the basic concept in place with map loading and level placement.

Essentially you earn maps during the game which will go into your map drawer. Tapping a map opens it and displays the levels within the map. Red markers and dots show where you have been. The brown marker is your next destination.

I think its best I just show you. I debated not uploading this because its far from finished. Everything is placeholder and missing animations and tidy-up. It demonstrates the concept though.

(This video was uploaded to Vine which has since been closed down, sorry)

Next week I’m going to finish up this map screen (level loading, animations, and save/load state) and then focus on the character progression (i.e levelling up).