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Devlog – 28th April 2014

Really good progress this week. The level editor is now finally complete (matching the latest game engine features). This is a really good milestone because I can now create basic levels with ease. This will allow me to test features and gameplay much more quickly.

Level editor loot

I do plan on demoing the tools at some point but I’ll wait until I’ve added the next round of features (quests and shops). It should be much more rounded by then and you can see how it all works together.

level editor conversation

So this month I’ll be focussing on Quests. Hopefully that means I’ll have a bit more to share with you in terms of detail and visuals. I still need to decide exactly how quests work so I’ll spend some time planning prior to implementation.

Something that has reared its ugly head again during the level editor build is the concept of inventory items. Widgets are stored in your inventory and are the primary means of solving levels. You’ll also be collecting widgets throughout the game in the form of loot and quest rewards. In this way, your inventory is persistent and you are rewarded for exploration (through meaningful items that are helpful in your travels). How do I ensure that you always have the means to complete a level? How do I ensure that you can still complete it even if you fail x number of times?

As I write this, I think the answer is to provide you with the absolute minimum number of widgets required to reach the exit. Each time you replay the level you’ll be given the same minimum widgets again. Any items you don’t use, you can keep. However, you won’t be provided with all of the widgets you need to access all parts of the level (e.g. npc’s, loot, shops).

Hmmm, I think this needs more thought. Perhaps some form of penalty for retrying a level. Or maybe you can buy the items you need to complete the level before it starts (if you wish). Not sure yet.

Sorry the post is short but at least its been good progress :)