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Devlog – 6th January 2014

And we’re off.

My first devlog of 2014. I’m breaking these into week long blocks. They’re designed to be short, discussing what has been achieved each week. Hopefully they will help to keep me on track.

This week I focussed on Sprite Kit migration. This is likely to be my focus for the month since there’s a fair amount of code to port. So far I’ve done the main menu and data persistence class. As expected, the data persistence class required almost no work, being pure objective-c, other than changing the property declarations slightly and removing some “retain” calls from my code. When using cocos2d, I hadn’t being using ARC so all of that was necessary.

The main menu required its texture atlas and sprite declarations switching. Honestly, thanks to cocos and sprite kit both being Objective-C and sharing familiar concepts, this wasn’t too bad.

Next up is going to be adding the texture atlases for iPad and iPad Retina, to ensure I’m universal from the start, and converting the character and level selection classes.