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Digital Legacy

ShakespeareSo I’ve been thinking recently about legacy. You know, that thing we all supposedly strive for. Creating something that has an impact on those around us long after we leave this mortal coil.

Plenty of creative outlets accommodate this. Books do. We all know who shakespeare is right? Films do. Kubrick is well know and his films have had an impact. Even TV. Honestly I bet they’re still playing re-runs of Friends long after you and I are no longer around.

Narrowing the field a bit, what about games? Have any games left a significant legacy? Board games have – Chess is as relevant today as it was centuries ago. What about video games? Sure they’re relatively new but we have a few that have a legacy, albeit one with slightly less impact – pong for instance.

What about the digital space? I mean downloadable games. Any stand out for you? Any that you think will leave a lasting legacy? Nothing springs to my mind (I can tell you that it isn’t Angry Birds or even Doodle Jump). More importantly, how will these games be consumed in future? These downloadable games by their very nature are throwaway. They exist on platforms that will soon become defunct. How will they be passed down? Whos responsibility is it? Apple, Microsoft, Sony, etc have the master copies of these potential legacies. How long will they keep them and at what point will they decide that they are no longer relevant?

Are downloadable games even capable of creating a lasting legacy? Surely someone will create a work that transcends its creative shackles and speaks to a wider audience across generations. I’d like to think that I could create such a thing. A game that gets people thinking. Something that has an impact. I haven’t considered it before but shouldn’t we strive to create something that leaves a lasting impression? something other than crappy clones of existing games with forgettable game mechanics (Of course I include my own games in that sentiment).

One day, someone will look back at what you did. They’ll look at your games (if they can find a way to access them) and say “something”. What will they say?…