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Icarus concept and early screenshot

Progress on my new game, working title: Icarus, is good. Cocos2d iPhone is a really nice framework that allows you to get things up and running very quickly. I actually have a basic version of the game up and running already. It certainly doesn’t have all of the components working but it is playable. Here’s what works so far…

  • The sun can be dragged along the y-axis.
  • “Enemies” approach the sun at varying speeds and positions.
  • The score counter increments correctly.
  • The liquid in the thermometer can be increased/decreased by dragging.

So, to share the concept with you, its fairly simple. The Icarus inspired enemies will approach the sun and it’s your job to destroy them. This is accomplished by dragging the sun along the y-axis to intercept them. There is of course a twist, with the sun’s strength being controlled by a thermometer. Different enemies will require different amounts of Sun to destroy them and it will be up to you to select the right strength by dragging the liquid in the thermometer. The basic aim will be to score as many points as possible (although i’m still working on the details of this).

I’ve replaced all of the temporary placeholder graphics (basic geometric shapes up until now) with some very early, very unpolished, and in no way finalised, graphics. So to finish off this post, here is the first taster screenshot of the game…

Icarus early screenshot

Icarus early screenshot