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My favourite blogs

I’m conscious that I haven’t written anything on this blog for a few weeks. As Star Fusion HD edges closer to launch I’ll begin to post smaller tasters of some of the art and gameplay. In the meantime, I felt compelled to write a short post listing the blogs I read most frequently. These are the ones that stick. The ones that I look forward to each day. I hope you find them useful and I’d love to hear your recommendations in the comments.

NOTCOT (Heaps of unique and inspiration things)
Bloesem (The “Lets get personal” posts are excellent)
Swiss Miss (Design inspiration)
Its Nice That (The printed publications are really nice)
Where we design (A nice diversion. I like seeing other people’s creative space)
Creative Applications (Really unique Apps)
Gas Powered Games (Not really my sort of game but the video blogs are really interesting)
Gamasutra (These articles provide valuable insight into studio game development)
Applied game design (A personal game development blog)
The psychology of games (In depth articles on the psychology behind game related topics)
HasBlog (Great for Coffee lovers)
iDevBlogADay (The best aggregated blog for independent game developers)
A List Apart (Reasonably meaty web related articles)

(blog post image courtesy of mariareyesmcdavis)