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Project Puzzle RPG – Big Ol’ Development Thread

Hello there,

You probably know that I’m hard at work on my next iPhone game (temporarily titled PPRPG). I thought it might be a nice idea to collect all of the posts, titbits, and information in one place. This blog post will be that place. A big ol’ post of posts.

I’ll make an effort to update this frequently with links to my development posts so that this is a sort of table of contents. I also want to use it to update you on progress.


PPRPG is a puzzle game with strong RPG (role playing game) elements. It features puzzling puzzles, character levelling, classes, quests, an inventory, loot, and a story.

Its all about distilling the escence of a role playing game and injecting it into the accessibility of a puzzle game. You’ll be able to approach the game in bite-szed chunks whilst still enjoying depth to the gameplay. All of this, tied together, in an extremely accessible touch interface for gaming on the go.

If you can feel a sense of exploration and wonderment, head-scratching puzzlement, and feel compelled to keep on playing, I’ll consider the game a success!


(Last Updated: 15th July 2012)
Completion: About 50% complete

Currently working on: Level linking
Next up: Quest System

Development Posts

Most recent posts are listed first.

Weekly Update #15 – Widgets
Weekly Update #14 – Inventory overhaul
Weekly Update #13 – Data Persistence and Levelling Mechanics
Weekly Update #12 – Stability
Weekly Update #11 – Character Classes
Weekly Update #10 – Level 1
Weekly Update #9 – A change of tack
Weekly Update #8 – NPC’s
Weekly Update #7 – Tools Milestone
Weekly Update #6 – Player Movement & Level Exporting
Weekly Update #5 – Core Puzzle Mechanics
Weekly Update #4 – Early Artwork
Weekly Update #3 – Web tools
Weekly Update #2 – Inventory
Weekly Update #1 – Laying the foundations
Out of the frying pan and into the fire
An update on PPRPG
My Next Game


Level Creation Tools – for producing the game

Screenshots, Artwork, and Sketches