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Rocket Santa 1.1 Approved

After submitting Rocket Santa and subsequently removing it due to a show stopping bug, as detailed in this post, it was looking unlikely that the game would be out in time for Christmas.

Good news today though, Rocket Santa 1.1 has been approved by Apple and is available now. This is the patched version of the game and fixes the present dropping bug that rendered the game unplayable. I’ve also fixed some other minor bugs, improved the performance slightly, and increased the rocket pack boost speed.

I submitted the patch on 6th December and it was approved by Apple last night (10th December). That makes for an incredible 4 day approval time. I sent an email to Apple to see if they could speed up approval of the patch (since the bug meant taking the game down). Apple obliged, providing an expedited review of the Rocket Santa patch… very kind of them. Perhaps we’re turning a corner with the App store approval process. Apple certainly seem more willing to make exceptions.