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Cardboard Dungeon Devlog #4

This will be the final devlog for this project. Whilst the final product is not really a game, it is a fun “experience” that has given me a taste of…

Cardboard Dungeon Devlog #3

Its been a little while since my last devlog and, in truth, things have slowed a little. This is partially because I’ve begun investigating Unity at last with a vague…

Cardboard Dungeon Devlog #2

Working with Google Cardboard, and the A-Frame framework, continues to be enjoyable. Virtual reality has some interesting challenges in terms of game design and its often the case that what…

Cardboard Dungeon Devlog #1

Welcome to the first devlog for Cardboard Dungeon. In actuality this is really a devlog for experimenting with virtual reality using what I have available to me – Google Cardboard….