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Coffee Cellar is on Sale

If you’re into coffee and have yet to try my coffee App, now is a good time. Its currently on sale with 50% off! Follow this link.

Coffee Cellar is out now

Coffee Cellar is available to buy today in App stores around the world. It’s been a long journey and I hope the finished product reflects the time, energy, and passion…

App Development – The Marketing

This is my final App Development post prior to launch. All of my work over the past 6 months is finally coming to fruition and I’ll soon get to see…

App Development – The Final Artwork

After nearly 6 months of effort which has seen us produce a solid plan, create a design doc, produce wireframes and workflow, create initial artwork and a moodboard, develop the…

App Development – The Testing

I’m currently in the process of testing my Coffee App and wanted to share the testing process with you. This is the first time I’ve done any significant public testing…

App Development – progress report #3

Time for another exciting progress report. The first Beta build has just gone out to the testers. Its slightly nerve-wracking but I’m looking forward to the feedback. The few short…

App Development – progress report #2

True to my word, it’s time for another progress report. Much of my time, during the last few weeks, has been spent iterating the art. I’m now at the point…

App Development – The Artwork

Its time for the fourth post in my App Development series. Last week I covered the wireframes, this week we move on to Artwork.

App Development – The Wireframes

This is the third post in my App Development series. Last week I covered the design document, this week I’m moving on to wireframes and workflow.