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Micro Mob Time-Lapse (Ludum Dare 25)

For your viewing pleasure, I present a time-lapse covering the development of my entry for Ludum Dare 25; Micro Mob. Check out the game here:

Getting started with Moai

This weekend I fancied dabbling with something a bit different. I’ve had my eye on Moai for some time now… What is Moai? In their own words, Moia is a…

Rocket Santa Remix

When I released the Christmas update for Coffee Cellar I thought “I know what would be cool. A mug icon with Rocket Santa on the front”. That’s how these things…

iPhone Game Development Toolkit

Whilst i’m anxiously waiting for Star Fusion to be approved by Apple, I thought i’d write a post about all of the hardware and software that I used to create…