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CreativityI think, creatively, I’m restless.

I have, and always have had, a constant desire to reinvent myself and each time to define who I am. This manifests itself in what I’m doing/into in my spare time at any one time. Generally I’m pretty fickle when it comes to this and will constantly shift from web developer to app developer to game developer/designer to aspirational graphic designer… the list goes on.

I don’t know where this need to define myself comes from. I don’t think I’m alone in it (at least I hope I’m not).

I think I’ve settled myself in the iPhone camp for too long now. It’s been fun and I’ve learnt loads. I’ve actually developed quite a large number of Apps (mostly games). Some of these haven’t seen the light of day but 4 of these have and 2 of those have seen multiple major revisions.

Now I need a break. My Apple developer account is up for renewal in a few days and I’ve decided to let it expire. In due course, my 2 remaining iPhone Apps (Coffee Cellar and Rocket Santa Remix) will no longer be available on the App store (as a result of the account expiring).

I will of course always have the option of renewing my subscription and putting those Apps back. I’m by no means saying saying that I’ll never write another iPhone App :) To coincide with this, I’m parking all of my current iPhone and game projects.

So where does that leave me creatively? Well, I don’t know what my next creative project will be yet. A game, a mobile App, something completely different. What I do know is that I need to draw a line under what I’ve achieved and start again with a clean slate.

The one constant that has anchored my creative endeavours is this website. I’m going to take the final step and let this blog become, simply, my personal blog for all thoughts and ideas (not just iPhone development and games).

As always, I’ve primarily written this blog post for my own benefit. I always feel it helps to write this stuff out in order to solidify it in my mind.

This move removes all, self imposed, pressures of maintaining products and services and everything that goes with that. It also sets me up for coming up with a new creative project. I don’t know what that will be, or when, and I’m in no hurry.

So, sort of a hard reset. A chance to zero everything. It may seem like a drastic step but it’s one that I feel is necessary.

(Image courtesy of Amanda Hirsch)