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Website Redesign and Star Fusion update Approval

You may have noticed that Bytesize Adventures has a brand new look! I’ve just finished a full redesign of the site complete with HTML 5 draft compliance – you can test the validation here. I’m pretty happy with the new look and feel and I hope that the site has better usability as a result. I’ll continue to tweak the site over the coming months.

On an equally positive note, Star Fusion 1.1 was approved by Apple on Thursday 3rd September at 7.34pm – 13 days after submission. Its great to finally have the update live since i’m convinced that it’s a marked improvement over the original version. So far the update has generated very few additional sales but I was pleased to see a decent amount of people updating to the new version (Always a good sign!).

Next for me is a brand new game. I’ll be starting the ideas/design phase in the next week which also means that i’ll be posting more frequently. Once again, i’ll try to share lots of information on my progress.

Stay tuned.