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Weekly Update #11 – Character Classes

These past few weeks have been fairly busy. Here’s what’s been achieved…

+ Artwork for speech dialogue
+ Artwork for character selection screen
+ Artwork for male NPC (non-player character)
+ Artwork for the three character classes
+ Started some artwork for the second tileset
+ Artwork for treasure chest (I’m not sure about it though, I think I’ll end up scrapping it and starting again)
+ Programmed character selection screen

You’ll notice that the main focus has been on artwork :)

For this blog post, lets focus on character classes. As part of the RPG (Role Playing Game) elements of the game, you’ll have the opportunity to select from one of 3 character classes. I’ve gone for the traditional Wizard, Fighter and Rogue.

When you start a new game, you’ll be presented with the character selection screen. At this point you have a choice. You can either let the game decide your class (“who am I?”) or you can manually choose one of the 3 classes.

Who Am I? – If you opt to let the game decide your class you’ll be presented with a series of fun little questions/situations and must select between 3 possible responses. These will allow the game to determine the class it thinks best represents you from your answers. You’ll remember this system from some older role play games. Hopefully it makes the game more accessible and also acts as a fun diversion.

Your character class will not limit you within the game (or at least that’s my current thinking). Instead it will purely dictate your starting bonuses. So, for example, a fighter may have access to additional explosive tiles whilst a rogue would get additional gold and perhaps start with more queue spaces revealed.

You’ll level your character throughout the game, giving you access to additional tiles, various perks (affecting attributes in the game), etc. You’ll be given some choice as to how your character levels, altering the gameplay to suit your play style.

I’ll discuss levelling in more detail soon. At the moment there isn’t a system in place other than a basic experience point concept.

That’s it for this week. Sorry its so short. What’s been lots of work has resulted in very little to actually talk about.

I’m still working towards my 5 level demo and I’ll start thinking about posting some alpha gameplay soon. Thanks for reading and feel free to post your thoughts/questions/suggestions in the comments.