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Weekly Update #5 – Core Puzzle Mechanics

This week I’ve been working on the core puzzle mechanics. I’ve added in the feature I mentioned last week and I’m currently wrestling with my code to get it to behave! Its still not all there and I plan on using next week to get everything puzzle-related in place. I have the RPG elements already in mind and implementing each of the sub systems is going to take time and care.

I’ve also imported the new graphics into the game which you can see below. This is running in the simulator.

To begin to explain the core mechanics, each level will contain and entrance tile and an exit tile. Your job is to reach the exit. You achieve this by laying down a path (from a random pool of basic tiles). Of course its not that easy! You’ll need to act fast as well as deal with various obstacles. However, the RPG elements are what will really give the game its edge. I’m not ready to share them just yet but I’ll begin introducing you to them over the coming weeks.

Apologies for the short post. I promise there is more to come. At this stage I’m just trying to get into the habit of writing these updates every week. In addition to finalising the core puzzle mechanics, I’ll also be moving back onto my level editor next week. My aim is to be able to produce level 1 through the web based editor.

See you next time.