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Writer's Block

I’m currently suffering from a mild form of writers block.

Writers Block – “The inability to begin or continue work on a piece of writing; normally temporary.”

TypewriterThis has of course manifested itself in the lack of posts on this blog for the past few weeks. In an attempt to alleviate this i’m going to start writing regular weekly posts recapping progress on my new game. This will of course be in addition to other, more in depth, posts that I write (once my writers block subsides).

So here’s the first update: I’m currently working on my next iPhone game which is progressing steadily. I don’t want to share too much at the moment but I will tell you a few interesting things about it…

1) The game will have a built-in level editor to enable you to create your own levels directly on the iPhone.
2) All of the official levels in the game will be created on the iPhone using the same level editor you’ll have access to.
3) I plan on launching the game with a large number of levels. In fact i’m hoping to get as many people as possible to contribute a level for the initial launch.

I have a very basic game engine working and i’m now working on a very early version of the editor. After that i’ll move on to saving and loading levels. Then its back to the creative stage to design some of the more interesting game elements.

In other news, i’ve re-designed the website which you can read about here. I’m also going to be moving web host in the coming weeks, having finally had enough of the terrible performance of my current host.

The iPad launches in a matter of months and for my first iPad exclusive game I plan on returning to my canceled Interactive Fiction game but completely redesigned and redeveloped. I’m also still toying with the idea of Star Fusion 2 either as an iPad or iPhone game.

So lots on at the moment and some exciting things ahead. Stay tuned.

(Image courtesy of petesimon)