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10 most popular posts of 2009

With 2009 wrapped up, I thought it would be nice to take a look at the most popular posts of 2009 as well as some site statistics. I launched at the end of June 2009 to act as a journal for my iPhone development as well as to help promote my games.

In the space of 6 months the site has had 2,239 unique visitors and served 9,985 pageviews. Average time spent on the site is 2:10 minutes. Of those 2,239 unique visits, 48.94% were from returning visitors. I’m pretty pleased with these stats, especially the number of returning visitors, and I hope to continue to build on this in 2010.

Moving on from stats, here are my 10 most popular blog posts of 2009…

1) iPhone game development toolkit – 1,982 pageviews
2) The harsh reality of Indie iPhone game development – 285 pageviews
3) Star Fusion goes Free: An App store experiment – 194 pageviews
4) A review of the iPhone Tech Talk World Tour 2009 – 80 pageviews
5) Project management for iPhone game development – 71 pageviews
6) week 1 sales and promotion – 71 pageviews
7) iPhone Tech Talke World Tour 2009 – 46 pageviews
8) On Sounds Effects and Music – 41 pageviews
9) 5 tools to encourage creativity – 39 pageviews
10) Star Fusion approved by Apple – 35 pageviews

By far the most commented on post was “The harsh reality of Indie iPhone game development”. I think that the post came across as a sob story, which wasn’t the intention. I wanted to point out that money shouldn’t be the main driving factor for developing games, you need to be passionate about it and be prepared to face the fact that money won’t necessarily follow.