Bytesize Adventures
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A brief project update

Progress on the game is pretty good. I’m currently getting a handle on using multiple views to display the various interactions that will comprise my game. All of my project time is currently being spent on the game engine, with the next component having the potential to make or break the game. Aside from this core development i’m only too aware of the need to make some progress on the story side of things. The current plan looks something like this…

  1. Secret game engine component (with potential to make or break the game)
  2. Story
  3. Middleware tools to enable easy creation of the story content

It’s vital that I spend some time developing some flexible middleware to enable me to easily model the story and import it into my game engine.

I’m also fast getting to the point where it’s difficult to blog about the game without revealing the actual game details. I wouldn’t normaly have a problem with sharing the game concept but i’ve read some cautinary advice regarding sharing iPhone game ideas. There appear to be alot of copycat developers on the iPhone platform who are all to ready to rip of ideas and flood the market with an ever increasing number of games. Whilst I certainly don’t believe that my game is terribly original, i’d like to try and minimise some of the information that I share. That being said, i’ll try to get a balance of protecting the idea vs sharing some more juicy details.