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Coffee Cellar Achievement Unlocked

Achievements come in all shapes and sizes and today marks a considerable achievement in my iOS development. You may remember that my chief aim when I created Coffee Cellar was to earn enough money to buy a new espresso machine.

It took a recent revamp of the App, but I’m happy to say that I have finally achieved that goal.

If you bought Coffee Cellar or supported me during its development then my heartfelt thanks goes out to you. You are awesome!

Here’s all of the fancy, and rather pricey, Japanese coffee equipment you’ve afforded me!

Pour Over Coffee Equipment

The more astute amongst you may notice that there is in fact no espresso machine present. Throughout my coffee related adventures I’ve begun to vere into a more hand-made coffee approach which I find gets me closer to the process and massively enhances my enjoyment of the end product. What I’ve opted for is a dripper so that I can play around with the pour-over method of coffee making.

Equally I’ve learnt that its not the espresso machine that makes great coffee but instead the grinder (and the skill of the barista). Thats why I’ve opted to purchase the most expensive grinder my Coffee Cellar funds would allow.

For those coffee geeks out there, here’s the full list of items.

  • Hario V60-01 Dripper
  • Hario V60 filter papers
  • Hario V60 drip kettle “Buono”
  • Baratza Encore Burr coffee grinder

Once again, Thank you for supporting me and helping me to realise my first Coffee Cellar goal.