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Coffee Cellar Update

I thought I’d write a brief post to catch you up on what’s happening with Coffee Cellar. Its currently on sale at $1.99 (£1.49) so please grab a copy now!

I had a nice review from Tap! Magazine which you can read here – They awarded Coffee Cellar 4/5 stars and called it “An easy and pretty way for coffee connoisseurs to keep track of their favourite blends.”

I’ve updated Coffee Cellar a few times since launch and it currently sits at version 1.1.1. Here’s what has been added since launch…


+ Added a new icon for Halloween. Just a bit of fun to spice up your coffee cupboard.
+ Added iOS5 twitter sharing (and a graceful fallback for users with older versions of iOS)
+ “Prep notes” renamed to “My Notes”.


+ Added a picture frame icon. This allows you to use your own photo as an icon in your coffee cupboard.
+ Added a cafetiere icon.
+ Improved the alignment of all icons in the cupboard.
+ Selecting an icon in the “Add Coffee” and “Edit Coffee” screen centers the icon making it more obvious that there are a number of icons to choose from.
+ Tapping the icon selection box in the “Edit Coffee” screen scrolls down to show the full view (including the delete coffee button).
– Removed icon highlighting from Cupboard view and “Edit Coffee” view.
– Removed the custom button on the Tasting notes screen. Tasting notes are now added when you tap done on the keyboard.


+ Added support for iOS 3.2 and above
+ Improvements to the App icon
+ Fixed email sharing to handle special characters
+ Fixed issue with incorrect spacing on some words entered in the tasting notes screen
+ Re-designed the mug icon

My next focus is on the Christmas update. I’ll be adding a number of new cupboard icons (to ensure you have a variety to select from). I also have an ever expanding backlog of features and improvements I want to make. I’ll be dipping into this to add some nice new features for the Christmas update.

Thats us all caught up I think. I plan on updating Coffee Cellar for the foreseeable future. Sales wise, its not really picking up. I’m currently selling about 1-2 copies a week. I’ve played with prices but I don’t have enough sales to draw any real conclusions.

As always, if you’d like to support me and buy Coffee Cellar, you can do so here. Alternatively consider gifting it to a coffee loving friend.