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Rocket Santa and Star Fusion now Free Forever

Star Fusion was the first game I created for the iPhone. It has been in the App store since June 2009 and has been downloaded a total of 1,619 times. It’s had some positive feedback and I’ve used it for experimenting with marketing and pricing as well as getting to know the ropes of the App store.

Rocket Santa was my second game. It had a troubled, slightly rushed development in order to make its release date of Christmas 2009. It’s been downloaded 768 times in total. I created it, with the help of a fantastic pixel artist, to test the Christmas market.

Today, both Star Fusion and Rocket Santa are going Free… forever. I’m also putting them live in all countries worldwide.

Why? – I’m still very much on a learning curve when it comes to creating games and, at this stage, it’s pointless for me to have paid games sitting in the App store with very few downloads. This decision does not affect the pricing of my future games (which may still be paid downloads).

You can grab both Star Fusion and Rocket Santa here.