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Devlog – 5th May 2014

Not much progress this week I’m afraid. This post is more for posterity than anything. This week, I think I’m going to spend some time creating a few levels so… Read More

Devlog – 28th April 2014

Really good progress this week. The level editor is now finally complete (matching the latest game engine features). This is a really good milestone because I can now create basic… Read More

Devlog – 21st April 2014

Hello again. I suppose you’re wondering what happened to the 7th and 14th devlog’s? Well, I had a few weeks break but I’m back now and ramping development back up…. Read More

Devlog – 17th March 2014

It’s been quite a successful week. I implemented the new map graphics and interactions for the map screen. This is just working towards consistency with the UI design that I… Read More

Devlog – 10th March 2014

Things are slowly starting to come together but I still don’t have a full end-to-end experience. This week I’ve focussed on the character progression. The current setup is that upon… Read More

Devlog – 3rd March 2014

Events conspired against me last week and I only managed to get a meagre few hours of development done. My focus was on the level select screen animations. Primarily I’m… Read More